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The issue of child support arises when parents of minor children separate and divorce.  In Montana, child support is addressed in the Parenting Plan Agreement.  At Sol & Wolfe Law Firm, our experienced Family Law Attorneys recognize that raising a child comes with financial responsibility therefore provisions need be made to provide for this financial responsibility.

At Sol & Wolfe Law Firm, we handle all aspects of the Parenting Plan including child support, modifications to Parenting Plans (including modification to child support) and enforcement & collection of child support.

Hire an experienced Missoula child support attorney!  The Family Law Lawyers at Sol & Wolfe Law Firm are experienced, are very knowledgeable and are some of the best Divorce / Family Law Lawyers in Missoula.

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A Parenting Plan is a written agreement between divorcing parents which basically spells out how the minor(s) will be raised when parents are separated / divorced. The plan, once completed and agreed upon, is submitted to the courts for approval. If the parents cannot come to an agreement on a plan or if their agreement is not approved by the court, then the court will provide what they feel is a good plan for the minor child (children).

The parenting plan should be made with the minor(s) best interests and needs in mind. It should protect the minor(s) and provide the minor(s) with a consistent family life without future conflict between parents. This plan should address issues such as living arrangements, visitations, vacations and holidays, child support, heath care, medical insurance, education, religion, communication of information and decision making.

Our Missoula based Family Law Attorneys, Terry L. Wolfe and Stephanie DeBoer, with Sol & Wolfe Law Firm PLLP will help you put together an agreement that is best for your children.  Every situation can be different and children can have different needs. So a well-constructed agreement can have a positive outcome for the future of your child (children).  Seek the help of our experienced Family Law Attorneys at Sol & Wolfe Law Firm PLLP.

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Sol & Wolfe Law Firm, PLLP is proud to have Montana Family Law & Divorce Attorneys Terry L. Wolfe & Stephanie DeBoer on their team.

Terry L. Wolfe & Stephanie DeBoer, are top Missoula Lawyers whose primary focus is Family Law.  Family Law encompasses all aspects of family life such as divorce, child support, child custody, alimony, property & asset issues, negotiation, mediation and litigation services. They are knowledgeable & skilled in their fields and you want one of them on your side! 

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Family Legal issues can be very stressful, so choosing an experienced Montana Attorney who practices primarily family & divorce law and who is highly knowledgeable in their field is very important to the outcome of your case! Trust in a Missoula Attorney from Sol & Wolfe Law Firm PLLP. They can help you get through this difficult time by providing you skillful, experienced legal representation at an affordable price.


Family law attorneys, Terry L. Wolfe & Stephanie DeBoer, can help you with your family legal problems and concerns including:


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In Montana, a Divorce is called a Dissolution of Marriage and it involves more than just legally ending a marriage.  Depending on the circumstances, it may also involve division of property and assets, a division of debts, and even spousal maintenance (spousal support). If minor children are involved, then the courts will require an approved Parenting Plan Agreement.

Since Montana courts look to protect the minor(s) in a divorce, a Parenting Agreement Plan is required.  A Parenting Plan spells out exactly how the children in a divorce will be protected and provided for.  It will cover issues such as child custody, child support, medical insurance, visitation, etc. for the minor children. The Parenting Plan, when properly constructed and agreed upon and approved by the court, can provide both parents and children with consistency without future conflict between parents. The Family Law Attorneys, Terry L. Wolfe and Stephanie DeBoer, at Sol & Wolfe Law Firm recognize the importance of a good Parenting Plan and, while each case is different, they know how to structure an effective Parenting Plan Agreement aimed to provide children with a consistent, albeit different, family life.

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